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The company

Senior Aerospace Ermeto

Within the Fluid Systems Division of the Senior Aerospace Group, Ermeto designs, manufactures and markets components for industry, aeronautics, marine and defense.

The product range covers the entire spectrum of fluid transfer: injection ramps, nozzles, fittings, simple or complex pipes.

In a few words


Senior Aerospace Ermeto is a leading supplier of fluid transfer components, recognized for the quality of its products.

Ermeto is present in different market segments: aerospace, marine, defense and various industries.

These various applications have allowed Ermeto to acquire expertise in the use of different materials such as: light alloys, inconel, titanium, steel, stainless steel, cupro-aluminum, brass and copper.

Ermeto offers a range of standard products and has a strong capacity to design products to meet specific customer needs.


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Our products

Aeronautical tubes

Ermeto designs, develops and industrializes a wide spectrum of high-precision aeronautical pipes, in numerous dimensions and for all types of civil, military or space applications including injection rails or high-temperature air transport tubes.

We master the use of numerous materials (Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium, etc.) and manufacturing processes for your bent tubes.

Aeronautical, naval & industrial fittings

Based on its long expertise in the development of connection systems, Ermeto provides you with its certified ranges (24° flareless, Arsaero, SM Titanium, 8°30′ leap-seal titanium, 37° flared), but also its capacity adapted to your specific needs.

In particular, we carry out standard connections or multi-way connections.

Injection and lubrication devices

Ermeto has strong expertise in the production of complex machined components (Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium, etc.) as well as injection and lubrication systems, coupled with total control of the numerous tests guaranteeing their performance.

Among the products produced we find the nozzle & distributor assembly for engine bearings and the engine support rods.

Industrial tubes

Ermeto designs, develops and industrializes your injection pipes and bundles by carrying out forming, bending and assembling of copper, steel or stainless steel tubes (Ø 4.76 to 63.5 mm) with single or double wall in the areas of refrigeration and heating but also hydraulics.

We also master the use of the double winding coil combined with double wall piping for heat exchange.

Our means

Design office

Design, reverse engineering, development assistance, calculations, simulations…

Pro engineer / CATIA / ANSYS / Flow Simulator / NASTRAN

Laboratory / Tests

Bending, microscopy, macroscopy, metallography, hardness, cleanliness…


Single spindle lathes, twin spindle lathes, 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machining, drilling, honing…


Three-dimensional measurements, 3D scanning, spectrometry, roughness measurement, fuel & oil flow/targeting…

Non-destructive testing

Penetrant testing, radiography, ultrasound, sealing…

Bending / Forming

Forming and bending of copper, aluminum, stainless steel or inconel tubes Ø4mm to Ø63.5mm

Welding / Soldering

Orbital welding, manual TIG welding, robotic TIG welding, brazing…

Other means

Pressure tests (5 to 350 bar), sandblasting, degreasing, washing, etc.